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Friday Favorites

I know each time a new month rolls in, I’m always stunned. Especially this year. And especially this month. Because in 21 days, Winston and I will officially be moving all of our belongings from our cute little rental in Baton Rouge to our newly purchased home in Dallas. And because this year has truly flown by!

This week, I have been loving the Olympic Games and learning about all the sports being competed, especially the lesser-known sports. I certainly didn’t realize that individual cyclists worked together to break away from the pack, then had to work together to stay away and then had to draw a line and finish for themselves. It’s fascinating, really, and watching all of the athletes has been an uplifting experience, especially after seeing how excited some are after winning a medal. I love that.

So with the Olympics in mind, here are my Friday Favorites:


Odds & Ends

What are YOU loving this week?

Best Of 225: Dining | Tsunami

Continuing in the Best of 225 posts, today, we’ll be focusing on some Dining winners today.

First up: 225′s Best Sushi Winner, Tsunami.

The Green Monster Roll is prepared on Tues., Apr. 10, 2012 at Tsunami in downtown Baton Rouge. Tsunami has won Best Sushi in this year’s Best of 225 Awards. (Photo by Erin Parker/225)

As someone who was born and raised in Memphis, I didn’t get the whole Tsunami sushi thing until I visited Lafayette with an old roommate of mine during college and tried their sushi — my first sushi ever — for the first time.

Around that time, the restaurant opened their Baton Rouge location, and it has become a mainstay in downtown Baton Rouge. Every time I have visited, the restaurant and bar area have been hopping, and that hasn’t changed in several years.

Tsunami offers a several different rolls, including unique specialties from the beautiful and decadent Green Monster and Dragon Rolls, to the simple and delicious Cucumber Roll. They clearly have a lot to offer, and Baton Rougeans can’t get enough of their variety and the uniqueness of their rolls, as evidenced by this award.

To learn more about Tsunami and their specialty sushi rolls, visit their website and their Facebook page.

Best Of 225: Entertainment & Nightlife | Sullivan’s Steakhouse

A Knockout martini is poured on Tues., Apr. 17, 2012. Sullivan’s Steakhouse won Best Martinis in this year’s Best of 225 Awards. (Photo by Erin Parker/225)

Next up, a winner from Best of 225: Entertainment & Nightlife 2012.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse edged out Duvic’s and Tsunami to claim the title of Best Martini in Baton Rouge for 2012. For the assignment, I was instructed to get a few images of a Knockout, one of Sullivan’s signature martinis. The drink features vodka soaked in pineapples before being poured into the mixed drink, complete with an orange peel and is a beautiful yellow/orange hue once in a martini glass.

The setting at Sullivan’s bar was perfect for the images required, and the drink, itself, looked beautiful, too. So beautiful, in fact, that the next time I was at Sullivan’s, I had to try it for myself! … And yes, it’s as delicious as it looks.

To learn more about Sullivan’s Steakhouse and their martinis, visit their website and their Facebook page.

Best of 225: People | Lauren Barksdale Hill

It seems only appropriate that I share some of my favorite unpublished shots from the 7th Annual Best of 225 Awards, as this week is the last week you will be able to find a magazine on stands.

I spent a large portion of the month of April photographing several winners in all four major categories highlighted in the magazine, and it is a delight to share them with you now. So for the next few weeks, I’ll be posting two to three winners per day that I photographed for the yearly reader-based awards.

First up, Best of 225: People 2012.

Painter Lauren Barksdale Hill won Best Local Visual Artist in this year’s contest, and I was instructed to capture her at work inside her studio one gorgeous afternoon in April. I was blown away by the setting of our session. … I mean, hello, that’s a home studio with a TON of natural light, built specifically for Lauren by her contractor husband.

In addition to the setting, Lauren was incredibly friendly, easy to work with, willing to move around to get the perfect shot for her portrait and so kind to me, someone she had never met (or probably heard of before our initial conversation.) And I, personally, think the final images turned out beautifully, highlighting Lauren, her talent and the space where she makes all her work.

Lauren Barksdale Hill sits inside her Baton Rouge home studio on Thurs., Apr. 26, 2012. Barksdale Hill has won Best Local Visual Artist in this year

Lauren Barksdale Hill sits inside her Baton Rouge home studio on Thurs., Apr. 26, 2012. Barksdale Hill has won Best Local Visual Artist in this year’s Best of 225 Awards. (Photo by Erin Parker/225)

To learn more about Lauren and her art, visit her website and her Facebook page.

Friday Favorites

Hey there, friends. I’m baaaaaaaaaack after a little hiatus on this lovely little photo blog.

How are y’all doing? What’s been happening? And what’s new?

Tons of things on my end… but we’ll get to those a little bit later. First off, I want to share some of my favorite photography (and random!) links of the week:


Odds & Ends

  • As everyone should know by now, I really like food and cooking. And I really want these cards for my card collection because I think they are perfect.
  • I die of cuteness. Check out Ammo the Dachshund. (Lucy would KILL me if I tried to get her to sit for photos like this!)
  • I know I’m a little late in posting this, but it made me really happy: NPR personalities take on “Call Me Maybe.”

Happy Friday, y’all!