Friday favorites

It’s Friday!

Y’all know what time it is, right?

Friday favorites time. Aaaand go!


  • There are apparently only eight ways to cover a heat way. And I feel like I’ve covered them all…
  • Stuff Journalists Like: Hoarding. It’s true. And yes, I still have every copy of The Daily Reveille from my first year as a staff photographer that has a photo of mine in it. (I should probably just get .pdfs, I know, but first, I think I should probably look through them again. Right?)
  • LightStalking has a fantastic guide for timelapse photography up.
  • Training for the 2012 Paralympics. The Big Picture finds beautiful and moving images, yet again. (15 is my favorite. What’s yours?)

Odds and Ends

Happy (almost) weekend! What do y’all have in store?

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